Adventures Global Expeditions

Adventures Global was founded with the express aim of taking you on the adventure of a lifetime!
Founded by South African Ronnie Muhl, a passionate mountaineer, Adventures Global and our support team of guides, sherpas and booking staff, will take you on a trip that will change you forever. Ronnie’s love is to share these adventures with others and help them to enjoy the life-changing adventures that he has experienced.
Adventures Global is the operator of choice for those intrepid seekers of adventure.

Seven Summits and Treks

Everest Aconcagua Denali Kilimanjaro Elbrus Carstensz Vinson Everest-Trek

Adventures Global makes dreams come true

Ronnie has extensive mountaineering experience and with his excellent reputation and experience as team leader on so many expeditions, Adventures Global can offer you an adventure you will never forget!